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Our project contemplates surveying and registering possible marae sites and the archaeological remains of chiefly houses at two pre-historic settlement sites on Pitcairn Island, as well as two rock faces featuring several petroglyphs in order to determine the significance of all of these regarding the past cultural history of the island within the context of archaeoastronomy. However, the two petroglyph sites are located in places that require previous climbing experience and we will be regulating access to those locations. Also, because of the remoteness of Pitcairn and the limited available medical facilities, only physically fit adults will be accepted as part of the team, regardless of age, but with a valid medical certificate saying they are in good physical form to participate in this expedition and a complete vaccination record with an FDA or EMA approved vaccine.

We anticipate offering a stay of 11-14 days to be carried out sometime during the 1st or 2nd trimester of 2023. We will be meeting in Tahiti for two days before traveling to Mangareva where we will board the New Zealand passenger and cargo vessel M/V Silver Supporter on a 32-hour journey to Pitcairn. 
We are working on providing tax-exempt donations to help us meet our funding goals, or if you would like to join our team, your contribution of $16,000 USD not only pays for all of your expenses after arriving on Tahiti, it gives you the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime experience, bringing this project to fruition and contributing to clarify an important part of Pitcairn history.

We also offer a custom-tailored pre-expedition five-day tour of Rapa Nui prior to traveling to Tahiti, visiting all of the main Rapanui attractions, as well as a night at the Rapanui Planetarium and Observatory, with a single fee that would include accommodation and air travel to Tahiti, however the exact cost of adding this leg is not available at the moment. Please contact us at least 4 months prior to our scheduled departure to learn more.
Our expedition will have at least three significant results: (1) it will add to the archaeological and historical heritage of Pitcairn Island through the interpretation of the petroglyph sites; (2) it will contribute new knowledge as to the role of its pre-Bounty Polynesian settlers within a well-defined cultural area; (3) we will offer continued hands-on training on archaeology techniques, Polynesian archaeoastronomy, and other elements of our trade, to Pitcairn community members and all our team, leaving  the Pitcairn Authorities any and all material we may collect during our stay, as as well as a complete copy of all our project reports, so that they may lead the investigations of their choice in the future.


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